Client : Rajesh KVRF

According to Indian tradition, the Vedas are out of this world in nature. They have been established by the Supreme and are eternal and true. Somayaga form one of the most important constituent of the spiritual practice of the Vedas.

Many benefits are said to be accrued as a result of conducting Somayaga. But it was not for realizing these benefits alone that Somayaga was conducted, though rishis had experienced the astounishing positive effects of the Somayaga for many thousands of years.

In spiritual terms, it is the strength of the soul which is primarily aimed at during the conduct of the Somayaga. Somayaga is very adept at stopping the adverse effects which can happen in our lives. Depression, Ill health and Tension are diseases of the modern world. Ancient manuscripts mention that Somayaga can prevent these. As a result of conducting Somayaga, good progeny and good intelligent mind occur. Countless positive benefits to a person, family ands soceity are mentioned as an outcome of Participating, Conducting and Supporting Somayaga.

Participate in this Somayaga by buying Kalasa, Providing Anandana, Sporeading the word to firends and relatives.

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