The difference

We meet face to face with you:

Meeting face to face with you to discuss your ideas and suggestions clears off the misconception that arises while communicating through messages or emails.

We sign a NDA with you:

To ensure complete protection of your idea we sign a non disclosure agreement with you. On the basis of this agreement your idea remains safe with us till your project hits the market.

We work with you if a patent is required:

For projects that require a patent, we work with you and support you till acquire the patent.

We work with you and your investors:

If you need to present your business idea to investors, we work with you. We have experience in producing presentations, mock-ups and technical documentations for presentations and pitching to investors.

We have definite milestones:

We have an orderly and punctual style of work with definite milestones. Our mode of work is sure to provide you with confidence about the completion of work on time.

We are affordable:

With the high quality of services we provide you and comparing it with the market rates you will surely know that we are reasonable and affordable.

  • We meet you face to face to understand the requirements
  • We sign an NDA to protect your idea
  • We work with you if a patent is needed
  • We work with you if you need to present your business to investors
  • We have definite milestones for delivery
  • We are very affordable
  • We are transparent and predictable in cost