Smart Vento

Client:Brett Laghlin

This patent pending technology is changing the way the world shops. If you missed out on any technology boom in the past this is your last chance. Your business is not limited to any type of products. Don't worry about the thousands who have already started, be the first in your locality. Beat the rush and get in quickly. Join this global opportunity and make huge income. Bring your local shops to expand your business.

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Buy $100 coupons - coupon gives you 50 MSP (commission).
Bring others and they buy coupons.
100 MSP on left and 100 MSP on right gives you $15 commission.
When a person you brought makes a commission, you get same amount as matching bonus.
You give coupons to shops, and you get your $100 back from shops.
SmartVento pays you an additional $110 for bringing the shops.
You get 2% of shop MSP turnover for the rest of your life.

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