Learn It Golf

Client:Leigh Coffen

I've been working with Bruce for 2 years now and he is the best coach in Sydney in my opinion. Now with the online analysis I can keep up with what I'm meant to be working on without having to make time for a lesson. Great work Bruce love it!


First met Bruce 35 years ago at Castle Hill Golf Club where he was coaching, many jockeys and trainers played there including Malcolm Johnston, Bruce coached an up and commer named Brett Ogle through his early years at Castle Hill, besides being a highly respected caoch and mentor he's a top bloke to boot.


At Learnitgolf we aim to bring the user a central destination to find all you need to improve your game. Not just another site promising to lower your scores, we design purposeful practice regimes based on the way YOU play, develop YOUR swing to its maximum potential and combined with the right equipment and ongoing training, we believe you'll reach your true limit. So feel free to jump right in, sign up, start your lessons and start getting better and having more fun on the golf course today. Un-Learn & Understand.