In Trem Solutions

Client:Phillip Thomson

iNTREM is a leader in UML-based requirements and diagramming solutions.

We provide unique high-quality tools that cater for:

Requirements development;
Testware development;
Software management; and
IT project governance.

iNTREM is founded on the principle of efficiency, to help achieve greater efficiency and productivity in software development and testing. It is a dynamic and growing company with solid leadership and strong industry background.

Our flexible, customer-focused business model allows us to deliver right solutions at right price to each of our customers. This is enabled by our strong business, financial and developmental resources that ensure these solutions yield meaningful business value.

iNTREM’s objective is to continue developing tools that will help you achieve enhanced IT project governance, which in turn will ensure your project has addressed right priorities with right processes involving right people. In addition, by partnering with iNTREM, the quality and rigour of your deliverables and your overarching development process can be fully optimized, maintaining the value expected by your customers. Choose iNTREM Solutions today, and watch your business grow.

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