Im Going Out

Client:Jonny Bosquet

Hi there! Thanks for checking us out. Since you’ve taken the time to drop by, Im gonna tell you a little story about why I built this site and it goes a little something like this: It was about 10pm on a Saturday nite and i was keen as to party. I was walking down the street with my nike’s on, and as I lined up at one of sydney’s hottest nightclubs I noticed that the line was soo long!! It went up some stairs and around the corner and as I stood there I saw all these people going straight to the front of the line and walking straight in..

I was like WTF?! So when I finally got to the front of the line about an hour and a half later I asked the girl at the door what the go was and she told me that those people were on the guestlist.. As I asked her this, another person (obviously on the guestlist) came up to the front, the door girl turned to them and said “$10″. So I pulled out my wallet and proceeded to pull out a 10er when she turned back to me and said “No its $20 for you”. I had another WTF moment, when she said “Well you’re not on the guestlist so its 20 bucks.” My friends were already inside so I reluctantly paid the $20 but I said to myself that from that day onward I would never pay full price at a club again. So here it is au at you’re service… The only thing is the service is limited to a certain number of guests per club so get in as early as you can, and as often as you can.

If you’re sick of paying full price to get in to clubs, or just want to check out whats going on around town, all you have to do is:

visit site