Best Food Friends

Client:Catherine Chapman

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Best Food Friends Pty ltd, is a boutique publishing company in Canberra Australia. In association with the Government Department Of Health ACT, Kulture-break, The Physical Activity Foundation, (active kids challenge) Diabetes ACT and the Heart Foundation ACT, the Company is promoting healthy eating through engaging characters that entice young children to eat fruit and vegetables.

We welcome new and budding writers as well as experienced veterans to write blogs on our guest forums. We are backed by a group of cheerful wanderers who contribute regularly.

Part of the Best Food Friends series is the Take 5 Plus 2 Team. This series of characters comprise of five vegetables and two fruits, (A message that was promoted by the Australian Government ‘Go for 2&5’) encouraging and challenging children to eat more fruit and vegetables every day.

This team of characters are promoted throughout schools in programmes developed for healthy eating by the above associations. Some of the characters have been made into life size and are performing at select schools as part of prizes won by schools participating in the programmes.

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