Battle of the Bands Australia

Client:Lisa Nowosad

Discovering new Aussie bands has always been difficult. Not any more.
Publicizing a new band was the greatest difficulty faced by budding artists. Young artists wished they would have a platform where they could compete with others and show their metal. Nothing like this has existed online so far. The wait is over. "Battle of the Bands Australia" has started. Let's watch, vote and enjoy. Let's bring Aussie music to our homes, let's recognize the fact that the music world is taking a big quantum leap in assessing itself and finding where the genius is. In young budding artists. Through a competition - Battle of the Bands Australia.

If you are an upcoming band register and join the growing music community and be part of great new Aussie bands. Purely powered by loving fans, future rock stars will be discovered, voted for and battle meters will rise. It's purely about bands, their screaming fans and the music. Culminating in live finals, the top bands in the charts can win important prizes to professionally record new music to give back to their fans. It's all about connections and support, so if you love what you hear, get excited, make some noise and participate in the music community!

If you are a loving fan or a music professional, join now to start voting your favourite bands. It's free. It's Fun. It's Aussie.

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