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You’re Losing Money Because of These Mobile App Development Mistakes

  • 16.11.2016
  • Apps,Tips

Kudos!!! You have validated that you have a great app idea, won investor pitch, and selected the right app development company. Now you are all set to start your dream app project.

As per Google Internal Data ,“More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan”. You might be thinking that this is the perfect time to launch your app to leverage on people’s increasing addiction to smart gadgets. But take care not to jump the gun in the case of mobile app development (or any other business project per se). Ensure that everything is shipshape in terms of planning, marketing, designing, implementation etc. Seemingly negligible mistakes can turn to be costly.

You can consult expert app development company like Web-Network to develop the app in the most efficient manner to ensure a steady flow of revenue.

Stay Away from These App Development Mistakes

We would like to alert you about these sneaky mistakes in mobile app development.

1. Failing to identify the best OS

Being ambiguous on the platform and device support can prove to be fatal for your app business. Spending time to choose the perfect platform for your mobile app will help you in the development of a five-star app that gives ultimate user experience. You need to choose from the prominent players in the fields such as iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows. Do not be tempted to follow what others are doing. Do a research on your target market, monetization scope and future prospects to make a decision. Your budget constraint is another mandatory factor worth considering.

For instance, if you are planning to publish your app in multiple countries, Android becomes a natural option, as it enjoys authority over iOS on a global scale.Source

2. Being over-ambitious by debuting your app on all platforms

Building your app for multiple platforms for the first version itself will drain you out financially. You should keep in mind that you are entering a saturated and highly competitive market space. In some cases, when you cross-platform your app (hybrid), you are probably creating a crappy experience for all the users on all platforms. Which better way is there to drive customers away from your app? So stop floating your app on all the platforms at once.

Concentrate on building a wonderful native app, and give your prospects a delightful app experience. This will save you also from doubling the development time and engineering costs.

3. Failure to embrace responsiveness and speed

Using responsive design is inevitable to prevent users from getting frustrated and finally give up on your app. If that is the last thing you want in your life, take responsive design aspect seriously. Users expect a mobile app to get downloaded twice as fast as a mobile website. Apps should render the promised actions instantly. No user is going to bear a slow and hiccupped app on their smartphone. If a similar app offers speed and responsiveness, they will not think twice to ditch you. Users should be able to flow smoothly through all the features and functionalities as fast as possible.

We recommend the incorporation of a walkthrough video exhibiting the app’s features and functionalities. This will enrich users’ experience with your app. Retaining users is more important than acquiring new ones. So ensure that the existing users will stay glued to your app by offering a stress-free and relaxed user experience.

4. Ignoring target audience

You can’t create an app only by observing your competitors’ experience. Focusing on your target audience’s needs is of ultimate importance while developing your app. Each app is unique in its own ways, and hence unique design and user experience are expected. After all, you are making the app for them. Try to meet your users’ needs and requirements and bear in mind their feedbacks and opinions while improving the design and functionality aspects of your app.

5. Apathy towards app monetization

Yes, you are eager to get income from your app. But you are not going to receive any returns by sitting idle. Monetization of your app requires strategic planning and action. You need to decide whether you want to charge upfront, or go for a premium model. You also need to consider different app monetization schemes such as in-app advertising, in-app purchase, subscription/pay wall etc. Many of these strategies can be mixed and matched to get the best monetization model suitable for your app business.

6. Overconfidence in your app’s saleability

Many apprenurs feel that they have developed a brilliant app to make the world a better place; hence automatic downloads are guaranteed. This is an erroneous notion. Crafting effective app marketing strategies is of prime importance in your app development process. This is the only way to make your app stand visible from the clutter of multitude of similar apps.

7. Over obsession with creativity

If your focus is more on bringing out all your creative talents in your app, chances are more that the end product will lack design and UI consistency. All app pages should display consistent design, fonts, typography and navigation styles. Variation in them will make users perplexed, and finally kill their interest. Adding too many features with the hope of improving your app is also a bad idea, as it will destroy the simplicity feature of your app.

Summing Up

Stay away from these critical mistakes that can infiltrate in the app development process. Set yourself on the road to financial success by being adaptable to productive changes.

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