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Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About App Analytics

  • 06.10.2016
  • Apps

Well……you have launched a wonderful app, and are thrilled about the impressive downloads and positive user reviews your app is credited with. But if you think this tells all about the performance and calibre of your app, you are fostering a faulty view. Tracking the real performance of your app can be more effectively done by making use of app analytics.

What is App Analytics?

There are many important metrics that need to be analysed to mould your app in such a way as to resolve customers’ pain points. Knowing user engagement and other business intelligence metrics is crucial to achieve your business goals. Knowledge about app analytics and the adeptness to use them are integral to the success of your app business. App analytics provides a collection of data tips signifying useful information about user behaviour.

In this article you will get a quick understanding about the need to integrate mobile analytics that are relevant to your app business goals.

Why Should You Use App Analytics?

The most basic reason for drawing on app analytics is to know how users make use of your app. By regularly tracking user behaviour, appreneurs can be enriched with actionable insights.

1. App analytics furnishes clear picture about ‘acquisition’

App download is the basic metric to be tracked since download is the starting point of app usage. App analytics offers advanced measurement of mobile app downloads. It shows the channels your users come from, or the sources of acquisition. Understanding acquisition sources helps entrepreneurs to define and refine their marketing strategies. You can understand which marketing tactics are yielding maximum results (downloads). But remember that number of downloads might sometimes indicate phony quantity. Other parameters need to be tracked to get the true sense of your app’s quality.

2. App analytics offers insights on ‘retention’

Okay…your app has got large number of downloads, but what about your customers’ experience with the app? Using an efficient app analytics tool will help you figure out your customers’ initial and on-going experience with the app. It is much more than counting the number of downloads. It means measuring user engagement.

Tracking user engagement over time is essential to know the retention rate. Retaining the current clients is more important than attracting new ones. You will get data on the number of people who opened your app repetitively after downloading it. This data will help appreneurs to craft targeted user campaigns to engage existing customers. App analytics will offer useful figures on frequency of app sessions, the number of users who return to the app on a daily basis, user lifetime, etc. You can take all marketing actions to breed customer loyalty by making efficient use of app analytics.

3. App analytics helps in continuous app enhancement

Information on complete app life cycle analysis helps appreneurs to get necessary steps to improve features and functionalities of their app. Overall user experience (UX) can be improved by monitoring bounce-off points. You can integrate improvements and added functionalities by constantly checking underutilized and optimal utilized features of app. By modifying push notifications or pop-up windows you can achieve business goals along with enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement.

Summing Up

If you want to get actionable insights on your app and lead your app venture to ultimate success, rely on robust app analytics methods.

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