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Why and How App Updates Matter?

  • 29.11.2016
  • Apps,News

Do you know that failing to update your app at regular intervals will make your app practically non-existent? If you are not updating your app, you are actually letting it flop by making it less visible and less impressive. According to a report by BI Intelligence , frequently updated apps tend to receive higher ratings.

App updates can range from bug fixing, addition of features, screenshot updates, Meta data updates, text update, etc. The frequency and focus of updates vary from app to app. If you need to have clarity on these matters, you can confidently consult a proficient app development company .

Let’s have a quick look into why and how app updates matter.

1. App updates serve as a fine marketing strategy

The process of marketing your app does not end with the release of your app once. You need to keep on marketing it aggressively as your app is struggling for attention from a sea of apps. Regular updation is the key to attain user loyalty and retention. Receiving updates on phones helps your app to stay top-of-mind. In this way it helps in generating more downloads and positive reviews.

9 Best App Marketing Strategies You Can’t Ignore is an insightful read on other app marketing strategies.

2. App updates ensure optimal functioning

Bugs pose a major challenge when they affect the functioning of your app. Failure to fix bug issues in a timely manner might prompt users to delete your app and look for better alternatives. Your app development team may not be able to find all the bugs and defects of the app. Bugs surface mostly when the app is used more broadly. In many cases, users find out more than 40% of the bugs.  And some bugs are usually found only by your app’s users. Bug fixing is something that cannot be postponed to a later time. Major bugs have to be fixed then and there with an update. It also improves the integrity and safety of your app.

3. App updates make users feel valued

Your customers will feel valued when you integrate the changes and enhancements that they pointed out/suggested. You need to do it quickly and efficiently to keep your users engaged and content. Removing unnecessary and unused features is also vital. Constantly observe app reviews, and note down the most demanded changes to integrate them in subsequent revisions.

Example: Angry Birds revised and rectified the incorrect listing of Gravitational Escape achievement.

4. App updates to take advantage of new OS

Updating your app on major Operating System (OS) or hardware release occasions can be gainful. You can take advantage of the new technology as early as possible. Another benefit is that your app might get a chance to become one of the featured apps in the app store which released the new OS version. Apple and Google will choose apps that take advantage of their new technology. This will automatically enhance the visibility of your app among potential users; and hence more downloads. App developers must utilize OS version up-gradations to incorporate the latest design and competences into their app. It will also help your apps to match with the look and feel of the new software and hardware.

5. App updates to keep up with competition

Keeping up with peers and competitors is essential to be in the scene without being kicked out. You need to observe the update frequency of your rival apps, and plan your updates more aggressively. Increasing and retaining user base is a tough game. You need to be in constant vigil to provide the best for your target audience. If you competitor comes up with an additional feature, you can’t sit idle. You need to look into the possibilities of adding or enhancing some features to make your app more appealing and competitive.

Example: Instagram added the video functionality feature after Vine was launched.

The frequency at which apps should be updated depends on the nature of the app. If the app is critical for your business, update it often. If your app gets benefitted from seasonal trends, update it in such a way as to leverage on holidays and seasonal changes in trends. If your app is content-centric, repeatedly keep the content fresh. Take care not to spam the App store with superfluous frequent releases. You need to balance it with sense and logic.

Note that app store ranking depend on reviews. And reviews of the latest update has higher influence on ranking compared to previous versions.

Summing Up

The bottom-line is app updates are inevitable if you are intently trying to find a (permanent) place for your app in the tiny real estate of your target audience’s home screen .

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