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Top 5 Reasons to Prototype Your App Idea

  • 13.02.2017
  • Apps,Idea,Tips

Making a prototype app is an important milestone in the process of app creation. Missing this has grave consequences.

The prototype is nothing but the preliminary version of the product – a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) from which advanced forms are developed.

You are confident about your app idea, and that is why you are going to build it. You might have conceived it as the perfect app with matchless features and functionalities.

But note: most of these aspects about the app are still planted in your mind, and only in your mind. Hence it is highly risky to make the final product straightaway. It is prudent to build a prototype first – because it takes you closer to the desired functionality of the final product.

You need to get assurance from the app developer that they will build the prototype of the app and give it for testing. It is necessary that you are hiring an experienced app developer to get the work done in the most effective way.

Let me list some of the most valid and significant reasons to prototype your app.

1. Gives additional validity check

Creating a basic, no-frills version of the idea will take you closer to the reality of making the final app. Allow a subset of the target audience to interact with the prototype app. This will give you a verdict on whether it will be demanded if rolled into a fully functional app. You will know the worthiness of your idea, based on the reviews and feedback. It actually works as a reality check before making the final product. In short, a prototype is a platform to test ideas before they are actually built.

How to Validate Your App Idea will help you get more info on different aspects related to validating your app idea.

2. Helps to eliminate problems as early as possible

Interacting with a prototype of the app will enlighten you with a better understanding of its functionality, design and features. If users are not able to easily navigate with some features, they will alert you about it. They will also offer suggestions for improvement. The issues and problems that were hidden in the idea stage will surface once you test the prototype in an actual device. You can integrate solutions to fix the problems immediately and can avoid costly mistakes at the later stages of app development.

3. Gives more scope for integrating enhancements

The entire design and development team can use the prototype as a creative playground to try and test. By actually interacting with the stripped down version of the app, you can easily identify possible bugs and errors. You can refine and review it till it reaches the desired level of perfection. You can test various possible ideas. You can finalise on the one, which ensures smooth user interaction and efficiency. It also gives app developers and designersthe freedom to learn more from mistakes in an inexpensive way. In a nutshell, prototyping accelerates the development process and reduces wastage of time, energy and money.

4. Assists as a convincing presentation tool

You can use a prototype app to convey the idea effectively to the prospective investors. Presenting prototypes of your app idea will act as a powerful tool to allure investors. Make good use of the minimum version of the app to undertakeeffective investor pitching. A Prototype works better than verbal descriptions.

How to Pitch Investors to Get Funding for your App will give you tips and tricks about effective investor pitching

5. Makes collaboration process easy

In the same way as prototypes effectively communicates the app idea to potent investors, it also facilitates communication and collaboration among the app development team. Client’s description of the app idea can be put into a model product by the designer. This will clarify the gaps and disparities in the ideas conceived by both the team. The refined product can be presented to the entire team involved in app development to incorporate their respective feedbacks. A prototype effectually constricts the design process by reducing unnecessary verbal descriptions and pointless consultations between different teams. In short, it speeds up the entire app development process.

Summing Up

Creating a prototype or MVP of the app idea is undoubtedly the best practice in the initial stages of app development. It will help you in bringing out the best possible user experience incorporated into a great-looking app.

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