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Stay Away From These 7 Instagram Marketing Mistakes

  • 01.10.2016
  • News,Technology

It is a well-accepted reality that Instagram is a quick link to insta-fame. Facebook-owned Instagram with 500 million Instagrammers, (among whom 300 million are active users), is undeniably an impactful and unique social network platform.

Hence it is only natural to think of promoting your app (or any product) through Instagram.  And it is important not to make any mistakes when you engage your users through Instagram. Especially since Instagram offers 20 times more engagement than that of twitter; 17% of the total internet users are on Instagram; it has equal number of Android and iPhone users; 70% of the user base constitute women (they are the consumption drivers!); 90% of the users are under the age of 35; and a host of other favouring factors (see 16 Instagram Statistics).It is a no-brainer to assume that Instagram has all the potential to function as a powerful marketing instrument.

Here, we are discussing 7 potential marketing mistakes and how to avoid them when promoting your app or product through Instagram. If you are looking for strategies to promote your app, “9 Best App Marketing Strategies You Can’t Ignore”  offers a sensible read on different marketing strategies to promote your mobile app.

Avoid Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Make it Work For Your Brand

Don’t you think adopting a flippant Instagram marketing approach will chase off potential and existing customers from your business? Committing marketing mistakes in this massive engagement platform is an unpardonable offense if you love your product. Make it work the best way for your brand by avoiding these common Instagram marketing mistakes.

1. Lack of specific goals in mind

Instagram is the best platform to visually tell a story. Doing it with specific purpose will deliver wonderful results. Sharing posts, pictures, videos or quotes without any goal will do no good to your business.

  • Your Instagram marketing strategy should be goal-driven to get more followers, and thereby customers.
  • Be concise about what you want and why you post or share something in Instagram.
  • Do not blindly share posts. Each post should add value or help attain your goals, which may range from brand awareness, product showcase, social cause etc.

2. Posting boring and unoriginal photos

Posting unoriginal and boring visuals on this unique visual-oriented platform will work negatively for your brand. Citing unoriginal and less legitimate graphics and images will create copy right issues which will tamper your brand identity. By constantly posting less creative images, you will be encouraging your followers to take a quick decision to unfollow. This will cause fewer sales. Remember that Instagram and other social networking platforms influence purchasing decisions to a great extent. Users want to see something original, creative and attractive.

  • Put in some effort to take images on your own, and stop re-sharing the same images.
  • Make your Instagram posts engaging and original, as nobody likes boring and duplicate content online.

3. Making Your Instagram Account Private

You will not dare to make your Instagram account private, if your goal is getting more followers. Making your business profile private is like openly telling your potential customers not to follow your products. So don’t be rude to your prospective clients by making your business profile private. Keep it open and easily accessible to them to enhance brand identity and shares. Seeing a private icon drives away most followers. Expect a bump in followers?  then:

  • Change the private setting to public.

4. Postponing or ignoring to respond to comments

Replying to comments in a timely manner is a basic etiquette to be followed by an Instagrammar. You need to interact with others for your own benefit. Respond to every comment on your post. This is s great way to engage people, leading to retention and growth. Apathy towards interaction indicates your lack of interest in your audience. Bolster your relationship with your audience by promptly responding to comments. After all it’s a matter of a few minutes or seconds.

  • Always reply to all negative and positive comments
  • All your replies should be positive

5. Inappropriate use or nonuse of Hashtags

Appropriate use of hashtags in Instagram matters when it comes to marketing your brand. Staying clear of the use of hashtags will result in less reachability for your posts. You will find noticeable increase in discoverability by adding industry-specific hashtags at appropriate places. This will in turn boost the number of followers who reach you by using key phrases or words. Hashtags also help in finding people who share similar interest. You can create your own hashtag/branded hashtag and promote it among your followers.

  • Use hashtags that users could quickly understand
  • Don’t overuse hashtags

Note: the blog “Boost Your Brand With # Hashtag Marketing” will give you guidance on the effectual use of hashtags.

6. Over posting and under posting

Posting numerous updates in s short span of time, and not posting anything at all, are grave sins on a platform like Instagram. You can do effective brand recall on Instagram by posting enough to attract your followers’ attention. Do not over burden them with updates on every event, which may lead them to the verge of unfollowing you. User retention cannot be ensured by posting a lot, but by maintaining consistency and quality. Lethargy from your part to post everyday will keep your brand away from clients’ memory. Learn to space out your posts in an optimum way.

  • Post relevant content often and consistently without sacrificing variety and originality.

7. Not including link

It is commonsensical that adding link is the best way to drive traffic to your business/product website. By adding link or Call to Action (CTA) to your bio, you get a golden chance to drive your followers to your your online shop/landing page.

  • Take full advantage of Instagram’s option to add link, and enjoy boosted traffic.

Summing Up

It goes without saying that Instagram is one social networking platform that shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost as part of your marketing strategy. Make marketing your business a fun affair by making impactful presence in Instagram. In order to achieve this ensure to ditch these common Instagram marketing mistakes, focus on your customers and be honest with all dealings with them.

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