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5 Undeniable Reasons to Love In-app Messaging

  • 22.11.2016
  • Apps

Are you searching for the best way to interact directly with your customers when they are using your app? Your search ends here! In-app messaging is the thing that you are looking for. And why you should love ‘in app messaging’ is revealed right here.

In-app messages can appear either at the bottom or the top of the app screen. It can even take full-page view. The message will stay on the screen for a fixed duration, or until the user interacts with the message. Old messages get replaced when new messages come in.

You might be using different communication channels like emails, push notifications, mobile wallet messages, sms etc. to promote your app. But neglecting in-app messaging/in-app notification/Message Centre messages is a grave mistake – especially if you are keen on improving engagement and retention. Let’s have a quick scan on some of the undeniable reasons to embrace in-app messaging.

1. In-app messages nurture users in the right setting

In-app messaging is a versatile channel that facilitates communication with your customers in the right context – that is,  when they are actively using your app. Since these messages are sent exclusively to people currently engaging with your app, they can facilitate augmented conversions, loyalty and customer engagement. It is more about targeted engagement. It updates the user real-time information that is appropriate within the context of the app. By reaching the user at the right time with the right content, in-app messaging yields maximum results.

2. In-app messages reach 100% of your audience

In-app messages are the best medium to cover your entire customer base. By combining push notifications with in-app messaging you can collect maximum business advantages. Since the message is delivered to everyone who is currently engaged with your brand (app/website), there is no issue of leaving anyone uncovered.

3. In-app messages deepen interaction

In-app messages are not targeting to induce someone to visit and use your app. These messages cater to the customers who are already using your app, or are in love with your app. Therefore, there is no issue of convincing them about your brand. What you do is keep them engaged and allure them to stay for more time. The gist is that in-app messaging is not an interrupting way of communication. It is an engaging media and deepens interaction with people who already use your app.

4. In-app messaging serves multiple tasks

In-app messages in the form of welcome messages (or a series of them) can be used to help the user complete the on-boarding process. New features can be introduced and hand-holding on each one of them can be done. You can alert users about underused features and put a Call to Action (CTA) on their advantages. Based on location targeting and previous in-app behaviour, you can craft targeted in-app messages about purchase opportunities. Non-spenders might need strong incentives to induce them to do in-app purchases. Customer service messages can also be effectively delivered by way of in-app messaging.

5. In-app messaging to leverage NPS Model

Discovering the ardent fans of your app is not a difficult task with the NPS (Net Promoter Score) model. NPS is nothing but a versatile customer loyalty metric. This tool helps app developers and business owners to know who their promoters are and who their detractors are. This helps in targeting your customers at a more narrow level and can prompt them specific CTA. For example, you can ask them to leave some positive reviews about your app in the app store… or you can ask them to share good feedback on social networks.

Summing Up

In-app messages form a crucial component of the whole mobile messaging strategy. It can be a great accompaniment to push notifications, and offers structured nurturing process.

There is no point in wasting time. Trigger your interaction with app users with in-app messaging!

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