How Do Free Apps Make Money?

  • 16.01.2017

Are Free Apps Really Free?

How Do Free Apps Make Money?

Do you know that most of the apps which come labelled as ‘free’ actually earn millions for their developers? The trick behind this is the pricing strategy they employ! This lands us in a …

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9 Best Free Websites to Promote Your App

Your search ends here if you are looking for some free yet effective ways to promote your app. Thanks to the proliferation of internet, promoting an app or any business has become a simpler and exciting affair. The only thing you need is the knack to take…

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Google’s Tango Technology Helps You To Buy BMW Cars!

If you are considering buying a brand new BMW i car, you need not visit a dealership anymore! A new app launched jointly by Google and BMW helps you to digitally customise and virtually walk around a new BMW, without being physically present…

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News and Tips

Social sharing SDK in iOS

In the past, developers had to use Twitter and Facebook API to integrate sharing for their app. But now it becomes a part of iOS SDK. The SDk name is…

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Plotting and graphing

If you are dealing with larger data, charts and graphs are easy to understand than a table format.

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