Getting funds for your App idea

  • 12.08.2016

Getting funds for your App idea

Your idea needs funding. Investors are looking for great ideas. How do you find investors? If funding is what’s holding you back from being an entrepreneur then read on. Raising funds to start building and marketing your mobile app is possible.

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5 signs your software ideas can be patented

Are you puzzled about choosing patent as the right route to protect your software/app idea? Before choosing patenting as a means to protect your million dollar idea, it would be wise to have an expert opinion. For more on this, read on…

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Apple Unveils Features of iOS 10

California-based technology giant, Apple Inc., has announced iOS 10, the latest version of its mobile operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The new version of iOS is expected to be unveiled in spring 2016 along with iPhone 7.

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News and Tips

App Thinning

App thinning is the optimization of store and operating system to the capabilities of the user’s particular device. This helps faster downloading of apps and apps require less storage space than previous.

There are three components for app thinning:
slicing, bitcode, and on-demand resources.

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GCD in iOS

This API is used to perform asynchronous operations in iOS.
This will help to perform long operations without interrupting or blocking user interface and other operations.
You can execute GCD by leaving your main thread to continue it’s tasks.

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