5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

  • 20.12.2016
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5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

Would you like to have an edge over your digital marketing competitors in 2017? If yes, it is essential to have a glance at expert predictions on digital marketing trends. It will enable you to craft…

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Enterprise Mobile App – What Is It All About?

There is no need to educate any human being in this modern era about what a mobile app is. Each one of us is at least using a few essential apps to smartly fulfill our daily tasks and pleasures. When we talk about apps, we usually imply consumer apps. But there is another type of app that is…

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The Great App Store Purge – It Is Happening!

Apple has finally begun the cleaning up process of its App Store as announced in September!
The move was announced in September as a part of App Store improvement. Apple wants to ensure that apps available on the App Store are functional and…

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News and Tips

Prototype App

Consider getting a prototype app built initially. Prototype is nothing but the preliminary version of the product or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) from which advanced forms are developed.

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Localization in iOS

What does it do:
The localization of iOS is the process of translation of your app into multiple languages.

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