Deadly SEO Mistakes to Avoid

  • 27.02.2017

Deadly SEO Mistakes to Avoid

13 Deadly SEO Mistakes to Avoid

If you want your website to stand the test of time, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) mistakes are the first thing you need to chuck out. Entering the good books of Google (Bing and Yahoo too) is possible only by following the right…

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5 Effective User Feedback Tools for Mobile Apps

Feedback is a free education to excellence! If you agree with this statement, you are certainly going to stay here to gain more insights on mobile feedback tools. It is natural human nature to crave to do things better. App entrepreneurs are no exception. If you are determined to bring out the best in your…

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Indigenous Start-ups Attend Barayamal’s Pre-Accelerator Program

The aboriginal and Torrdes Strait Islander entrepreneurs are ready to take their idea/company to the next level thanks to the new business-accelerator program held at The Capital. Five innovative indigenous start-ups have attended the ‘mini’ four-week business-accelerator program at The Capital – the new digital technology innovation hub at the heart of Brisbane CBD. This pre-accelerator program was…

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Map overlay

Normally, it is easy to add a map into your app using the iOS library MapKit. If you want to customize the map from Apple you can use the annotations and overlay features.

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Newsstand apps

Apple news apps are for downloading and displaying digital version of the news papers and magazines.It was replaced by News in iOS 9.

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