Choose The Perfect Social Influencer

  • 08.11.2016

Choose The Perfect Social Influencer

5 Top Ways to Find the Perfect Social Influencers

When a credible third party endorses your product or service, it attracts trust and customers. This has been known to apply to all products and services. Learn the tricks to apply this to your app business.

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Boost Landing Page Conversion with These Tips

If you are looking for techniques to make your own landing page that actually converts, you have reached the right place. The landing page plays a crucial role in your internet marketing strategies.

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Snapchat Unveils Camera-Equipped Spectacles

Snapchat, renowned as the ephemeral image and video messaging app, has unveiled its new camera sunglasses. This is the first hardware project of the Los Angeles-based company, which is recently rebranded as Snap Inc. The new camera-equipped sunglasses are named…

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News and Tips

Prototype App

Consider getting a prototype app built initially. Prototype is nothing but the preliminary version of the product or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) from which advanced forms are developed.

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Localization in iOS

What does it do:
The localization of iOS is the process of translation of your app into multiple languages.

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