Boost your Brand with #tag Marketing

  • 31.08.2016

Boost your Brand with #tag Marketing

Boost your Brand with #tag Marketing

Are you thinking over ways to get maximum result from your hashtag marketing strategy? You are not alone. Every business which has taken social media marketing seriously is keen to leverage on this unique marketing tactic.

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How to Record Your Idea for Patent Purposes

When recording your idea for patent purposes, it is usual to prepare an Information Disclosure Statement which can greatly assist your patent attorney in preparing the patent specification, especially with your commercialization goals in mind.

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iPhone 7 Plus Rumoured To Get More Memory

Rumours are flying high about the new features added to the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus (or iPhone 7 Pro). iPhone fans are eagerly expecting an increased built-in memory capacity of 3GB RAM for the 14th iPhone model.

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News and Tips

Localization in iOS

What does it do:
The localization of iOS is the process of translation of your app into multiple languages

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How to get iPhone’s UDID

An iPhone’s UDID is required to allow access to adhoc releases of an iOS App that is not published (i.e. in development).

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