9 Mobile App Myths Quashed

  • 08.02.2017

9 Mobile App Myths Quashed

9 Mobile App Myths Quashed

Lots of misconceptions regarding mobile app development are circulating in the app realm. These myths scare away beginners from the exciting dominion of mobile apps.

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How Will Geo-fencing Help You Trigger Sales?

How do you feel when you get timely alerts on promotional offers from a nearby shop, while on the go? I am sure that you will be hugely benefited if the product/service on offer is what you are looking for.

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Australian University Develops AR Glasses for Dentists

The University Of Western Australia (UWA) is all set to change the dental procedures with innovative VR/AR technology glass. A team of UWA researchers are developing Augmented Reality (AR) glasses that allow the dentists to…

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News and Tips

GCD in iOS

This API is used to perform asynchronous operations in iOS.
This will help to perform long operations without interrupting or blocking user interface and other operations.

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How to get iPhone’s UDID

An iPhone’s UDID is required to allow access to adhoc releases of an iOS App that is not published (i.e. in development).

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