5 Great Tips to Get Smart App Ideas

  • 04.08.2016

5 Great Tips to Get Smart App Ideas

Have you ever wondered how these app entrepreneurs and developers come up with fabulous app ideas and turn them into reality? Though ideas are born inside the brain, the process of seeding and triggering the idea is the result of reacting to certain stimulants at the right time in the right way. Let’s explore some great tips that help you generate some wonderful and killer app ideas.

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Drop Performance of Phones to Improve with New Gorilla Glass

Corning, the New York-based specialty glass expert, has revealed version 5 of Gorilla Glass with superior damage and scratch resistance. This means that phones graced with this glass display coating will be able to survive face-down drops from up to 1.6 meters height. It’s actually good news for those buttery-hands, who are in the habit of dropping smart phones while capturing selfies.

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Google Cloud Natural Language API Enters Open Beta

Google has announced the launch of its new Machine Learning API – Cloud Natural Language API – into open beta. It forms part of its Cloud Platform expansion.

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News and Tips

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

The UI helps people understand and interact with the content, but never competes with it.

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Newsstand apps

Apple news apps are for downloading and displaying digital version of the news papers and magazines.
It was replaced by News in iOS 9.

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