3 types of pitching to get Investors

  • 24.08.2016

3 types of pitching to get Investors

3 types of pitching to get Investors

You have a fabulous app idea storming inside your brain waiting to jump out! Your dream is also to make the idea a reality…but lack of funds is stopping you from taking the next step. If this describes you, please read on.

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How to Validate Your App Idea – A Useful Guide

Do you have a mobile app idea that is a sure-fire winner if materialized? Hold on…you need to follow proven steps to validate your app idea before commencing app development.

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Pokemon Go broke App Store revenue records in July

Pokémon Go, the location-based augmented reality game by San Francisco-based software development company Niantic, had reportedly boosted Apple’s revenue in July.

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News and Tips

App Thinning

App thinning is the optimization of store and operating system to the capabilities of the user’s particular device. This helps faster downloading of apps and apps require less storage space than previous.

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Prototype App

Consider getting a prototype app built initially. Prototype is nothing but the preliminary version of the product or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) from which advanced forms are developed.

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