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Keep Your Shopping App Highly Visible This Festive Season!

  • 14.12.2016
  • Apps

Are you preparing for a fabulous Christmas season? Don’t forget that it’s that time of the year which brings lots of business! People are ready to splurge their money on sharing and gifting. If you want your shopping app to inhabit the home screens of multitude of smartphones, get set and indulge in some best ASO practices during this festive time.

A Quick Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) gives a quick introduction to simple optimisation techniques for beginners.

Why is it a Joyful Season for App Developers?

This season of exchanging and opening gifts, unwraps jubilant news for app developers also. As per reports, the highest number of new device activations and app downloads happen on Christmas Day than any other day in the calendar year!

The massive app installation spree is the result of increased sale of brand new iPhones, Androids and tablets during the festive month. Shopping apps undoubtedly occupy a prime place in the wish list of these customers. There is no doubt that this is the perfect time of the year to work for huge number of conversions and downloads. Even if you have satisfactory number of users, you need to ensure that these users will give space for your app in the new device that they get this season.

The amount of passion, inventiveness and diligence that went behind developing the app is going to be remunerated big-time! Hang on with us while we spill out the pertinent ASO tricks for the season.

Relevant ASO Tricks for the Season

Dedicated app developers and retailers can’t afford to overlook ASO (App Store Optimisation), as it is the fast track to mobile app discoverability. App marketers need to leverage the spike in mobile app installs during the Xmas and New Year season with the following ASO tips.

1. Dress Up Your Icon to Match the Season

Icons are the first things that any potential user gets attracted to, while browsing the app store. If you are launching your app for the first time, create a unique and attention-grabbing icon. If you have already released your app, don’t change your icon drastically. The focus should be to update the icon to mirror the festive spell. Lend a holiday-themed design for your app icon to express Christmas readiness. Get into the festive mood and give creative updates to your app icons. Gaming apps and shopping apps are sure to gain a boost with the festive theme.

Some shopping apps (like Walmart) have managed to echo the festive mood by simply sprinkling some snowflakes, snowy overlays or holly on their icon. Remember there is no dearth for Christmas imageries ranging from Santa clause, gingerbread man, snowflakes, trees, stars, etc.

2. Give Catchy Alterations to Screenshots

Screen shots are the actual advertising medium and visual selling tool for your app. Screenshots should be designed to give a quick glance at what to expect after downloading your app. Highlight your attractive and selling features in a pertinent manner. Holiday special sales and promotions should be displayed in a dominant manner. Screenshots should focus on seasonally relevant merchandise.

3. Make Your Keywords Christmas-Pretty

The attractive icons and images of your app are of any value if potential users get to see/discover your app. The first 25 characters that make the presence of your app in the app store should be striking enough to induce people to pick it up. Integrating keywords in the app description is an important ASO tool. Keywords used to describe the app are pertinent to pave the road to the top slots in the app stores.

The message that you deliver through keywords should fit with the festive spirit. Alter them to sync with the current search-results, besides attaching a holiday vibe to it. Festive words like ‘gift’, ‘present’ etc. are said to have magic effect during the season. Your great Xmas offers and festive discounts can be reflected in the app descriptions to entice the minds of millions of shoppers out there. Prospects should feel your app as an essential thing for the season.

4. Revamp Your Shopping App with New Features

Welcoming the New Year with something fresh is a happy experience for everyone. This is the perfect time to roll out new features. Why don’t you surprise your existing app users with some additional and fresh features in your app? Adding improved features will also attract new and idle users to your app. You also need to promote your updated app in social networking sites and build a community around your product to generate the much needed buzz. Let your users show off your app at Christmas parties!

Take care to submit new app releases/updates early in iTunes Connect, as it closes between December 23rd and 27th as part of holiday shutdown.

5. Integrate Easy Payment Methods

People are ready to spend this season. You can enhance the overall shopping experience by integrating easy payment methods in your shopping app. This is one of the best ways to take advantage of the shopping spree more effectively. Modern day online shoppers are fussy about even taking out their credit card to complete the payment. Therefore, help them to complete transaction within seconds by incorporating convenient PSPs and digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet and PayPal. Ideally, new features have to be ready prior to the holidays.

6. Get into Gifting

The spirit of Christmas lies in gifting. Consider your app as a festive platform to offer some free gifts. People all over the world fall head over heels for free presents. You can offer coupons or vouchers with assured gifts, free credits etc. to your users. These simple gestures will persuade prospects to download your app, and existing users to retain them. Holiday discounts and special offers in your app are sure to spread happiness among your customers.

Summing Up

Folks are busy loading their new smart gadgets with the most striking apps. Let’s us work hard and hope that tons of new and loyal users are on their way this festive season!

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