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ios security and encrypting data

  • 05.02.2016
  • Technology

For mobile apps or web service, we have to keep sensitive data secure using different security techniques available in IOS SDK.

For example : the security of user credential or credit card details.
We will use IOS key chain and symmetric encryption option to secure the data.

IOS Key Chain – It is an encrypted container. This is normally use to save passwords and other important data like credit card
We can restrict access to keychain to particular users and application.

Normally each application will have it’s own keychain.
We use key chain to store a small amount of data.
We use the API “Key chain Services API” for securing the data.

Encryption and decryption
There are two types of encryption.
1) symmetric
2) asymmetric

Symmetric use one key and this will share to encrypt and decrypt data.
On the other hand, for asymmetric we use different keys for this purpose.

We use Security framework for encryption and decryption.

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