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Interesting Trends in Mobile App Usage Unveiled

  • 06.10.2016
  • Apps,News

Mobile users are spending nearly 10% more time each day in the most popular apps, as revealed by Opera Mediaworks , a mobile ad platform for brands, in its second quarterly mobile marketing report 2016. The report suggests increase in the scale of the growth of mobile engagement. It also gives deep insights into how users interact with applications after the first install.

Increasing reliance of Fortune 1000 on mobile performance campaigns

The tremendous increase of app release in each major app stores, and the mobile-first mind-set of consumers are inspiring many Fortune 1000 technology companies to rely on mobile performance campaigns to attain the sought-after space on consumers’ smartphones and tablets.

According to the report, brands in the Retail, Food, Automotive and Technology/Gadgets industries are investing heavily in performance campaigns served to mobile devices. The report reveals some interesting trends in annual ad expenses. Technology and Food Delivery / Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) captured the most annual spend (24.3% and 23.4% respectively).

Large technology companies are competing for buyers of both hardware, such as phones and other gadgets, and software solutions, mostly mobile apps. Within the latter category, tech companies are seeing the most success with apps that offer daily utility to the user, such as those that increase photo storage or track stocks.

What happens beyond app install?

The report also reveals what happens beyond app install, which is still the core metric of most performance campaigns. Many mobile-first companies, such as Uber, Twitter and HotelTonight, are heavily focused on app download volume as their advertising strategy is focused around increasing their app’s footprint among mobile users.

However, many QSR brands are looking beyond the app install. They also focus on optimizing for post-install events that add to the value of each user. By tracking post-install events, brands can understand which users are the most valuable to them in the long run. This will help them to focus on the tactics they used to attract those types of users.

The report also reveals that Technology Brands looking to build an audience of high-quality users can leverage up to 22 post-install events to build lifetime value models to accurately measure the efficiency of their performance dollars.

Creativity Brand performance advertisers can optimize creative for maximum impact by thinking beyond their logo, putting value front and centre to the user, and carefully adapting elements to the mobile medium.

Opera Mediaworks Mobile First Insights (MFI) report of this quarter focuses on the growth of brand performance (i.e., direct response tactics for Fortune 1000 brands).

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