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How to Invert Colours with Siri on iPhone

  • 28.09.2016
  • How-To

Inverting colours on iPhone is a quick and fun task with Siri – Apple’s intelligent assistant.

Apple has integrated Inverting Colors option on their iOS devices as an Accessibility feature. These assistive features are designed to allow people with disabilities to experience the fun and function of iOS.

By inverting colours means you can make changes to your iOS device’s screen colour to black & white. The screen will display white text on a black background to make vision easier for eyes that are sensitive to brightness. People with colour blindness and low vision can also benefit from this inverted colour display. It helps in reducing night-time glare besides saving battery.

You can take advantage of this cool feature of iPhone by steering deep into the iOS settings menu and enabling it. But the fun and cool way of doing it is with Siri. You can simply ask Siri to do it for you.

  • First open Siri from your iPhone / iPad. You can do it either by holding down the Home button or saying “Hey, Siri”.
  • Then ask Siri to turn on invert colors. You will get immediate response on your screen showing inverted display in black and white colours.
  • You will also get the response, “OK, I turned on Invert colors.”

In the same way you can turn off inverted colours by asking Siri to turn off Invert Colors, and it will be done.

Is it not super simple and cool?

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