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How to Disable Most Frequently Visited Sites from iOS Safari

  • 28.09.2016
  • How-To

Whenever you open a new tab in iOS Safari, the frequently visited sites will appear underneath Safari Favorites in iOS. It keeps track of your searches and updates itself to give you smooth access to those sites. But many users find it annoying as they are no longer visiting those sites, or simply because they do not want the feeling of being tracked by this pre-installed iOS browser.

It is possible to spike the feature completely or browse privately in iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch. Here you will see how to disable frequently visited sites in iOS Safari.

  • Launch Settings
  • Tap on Safari icon
  • Find Frequently Visited Site and turn it off position

You need to individually delete all the websites and turn the feature off to avoid this problem from recurring in future.

If you wish to turn off the Frequently Visited sites completely, choose private browsing. Here is how to enable private browsing.

  • Open Safari
  • Tap the new tab icon located on the bottom-right corner of the screen
  • Tap the + sign at the bottom centre of the screen
  • Tap the Private icon on the bottom left of the screen

Now you can start private browsing.

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