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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Mobile App?

  • 22.09.2016
  • Apps,News,Tips

“What determines the cost of mobile app?” is a typical question from budding app enthusiasts loaded with incredible app ideas. The app idea might be unique and incredibly worthy to find sanctuary in smart devices. But moving ahead with the app idea is difficult without any clarity about the cost factor.

Since we come across numerous apps that are bought by big companies for millions and even billions, many are under the impression that making an app is a very expensive affair. However, the fact is that an app can be built from as low as $10,000 might come as a surprise from many potential appreneurs. Remember that this estimation is for the very simple no-frills basic version devoid of ruffles and purfles.

Here, you will be prepared to set sensible expectations about what it costs to build a custom mobile application. While setting apart the budget for developing an app, the factors below need to be given due consideration.

1. Features and functionalities

You need to list down all the features that need to be included in your mobile app. While in the idea stage, it is nice to fantasize on a range of features and functionalities to be included in your app. But, you need to differentiate between the must-have features, nice-to have features, features to be included now, features to be include later, etc.

If you have budget and time frame constraints, it is essential to go through the process of eliminating all features not necessary in the first version of the app. That is the first release version of your app can go loaded with the must-have features and functionalities. If the prototype version proves the sustainability of your app, you may think about including other enhanced features. Whatever may be the case, remember that the number of features in your app will affect the cost of the app.

2. Scale and complexity of the project

Apps tend to be more expensive if more efforts, assessment, and integration go into them. Have a concise idea about whether your app is a simple static content app, database -driven app, games app or a more advanced functionality based app. Complex environment-based game apps and dynamic apps cost much higher than simple database-backed and list-based apps. More technically-complex and integrated apps can push the cost up to 7 digits. Beautifully-crafted apps are attractive for people, and hence might drive more download. But these eye-catchy and impressive apps with great user experience and visual design involve higher cost elements.

3. Platforms and devices

Different platforms mean different costs. Therefore, deciding the platforms and devices for which the app should be made is of crucial importance. Each major platform (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows) comes with diverse sets of integrations, SDKs (Software Development Kits), and programming languages. If you cover more platforms, there will be an apparent increase in cost also. Building Android app could be more expensive than iPhone App, owing to the diverse environment of the former containing multiplicity of devices and operating system versions. Testing the app in wide-ranging number of Android devices and screens will push the cost upward. Many appreneurs resort to the method of first building the app in iOS platform and then porting it to Android platform. Developing an app simultaneously on all the major platforms is an exciting thought for many beginners – but if you are under budget restrictions, first try it on a single platform and extend it to other platforms based on the experience and feedback.

4. In-house vs. Offshore

Who builds the app makes considerable impact on the cost factor of app development. Skilled and experienced human resources come with quality and assurance, and hence they cannot be cheap. Execution of your app idea lie in their hands and you cannot compromise on the quality of app development team comprising programmers and designers. Choosing between in-house or offshore developers is important as they influence the cost factor of developing the app. Average hourly rates charged by app development companies vary substantially based on the geographical location.

High quality apps built by a team of expert app development professionals like Web Network will ensure that your app is perfect in all respects, at reasonable rates.

5. Regular maintenance and testing

The app development process does not stop when your app is launched in an app store. Regular maintenance of your app is essential to enhance the app with improvements and added features. Updates should be released at frequent intervals to retain and engage customers. Bug fixing is a continuous process to ensure user-friendliness and functionality of apps. All these require the service of expert professionals and specific tools, which are not free.

Get online help to know the cost

Request a quote from an app development company – many of them would give you a free quote with no obligations.  Protect your app idea by signing an NDA with them before disclosing the details. By indicating the number of features, platforms and other complexity variables you will get a rough estimate of how much will your app cost.

You can ask experienced and expert app development companies to give a quote and free consultation. We at Web Network are more than happy to give you a free quote and free consultation.

Summing Up

It is evident that a competent mobile app development process involves several meticulous paths, and the cost of the app depends on all the involved factors. Before you embark on the app development, make sure that you validate your app idea

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