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The Great App Store Purge – It Is Happening!

  • 08.01.2017
  • News

Apple has finally begun the cleaning up process of its App Store as announced in September!

The move was announced in September as a part of App Store improvement. Apple wants to ensure that apps available on the App Store are functional and up-to-date. The top-down review of the App Store involves evaluation of apps and removal of problematic and abandoned apps. Apps that no longer function as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are out-dated, are bound to be removed. The entire process is aimed at offering an enhanced App Store experience that makes it easier for customers to find great apps that fit their needs.

Apple is now in the middle of a drastic app purging procedure. As per reports from TechCrunch, a massive 47,300 apps had been removed from the app store in October. This app removal figure indicates an increase of around 238 per cent. The major chunk of removed apps falls under the genre of games (about 28%), followed by entertainment (8.99%), books (8.96%), Education and Lifestyle.

Apple fixed September 7, 2016, as the deadline for developers who wanted their outdated apps spared from purging. The month of September did not witness any large scale app purging. Apple kept its word in October by undertaking the colossal cleaning process.

A Note to Future App Makers

Adhering to the latest App Store Review Guidelines is the best practice to be followed by app developers before submitting apps to the App Store. Make sure that your apps follow these guidelines and address functionality issues if any. You need to frequently update your app to fix bugs, offer new content, provide additional services, or make other improvements. If you are no longer updating your app, consider removing it from the App Store.

Apple App Store Is Still Growing

Despite the massive app purge which is currently underway, the App Store is still on the growth path. Apple continues to get 100,000 submissions a week and maintains at over 2 million apps available. Apple’s App Store is reported to hit 5 Million Apps by 2020. This means more than double of its current size.

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