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Get more clicks for your business through Google’s recent Structured Snippets enhancements

  • 10.01.2016
  • Short Blogs

Are you using Adwords along with your SEO strategy?
Are you looking for more clicks and better CTR?
Are you focused on specific outcomes through your online strategy?

Then read on…

Now businesses have more control on what is shown in the structured snippets in Google’s PPC text ads.
This new roll out from Google gives you 12 headers to accompany your Ad words ads (see list below). This could be used to highlight specific aspects of what you are selling in ads. This could provide improved ECTR.
• Amenities
• Brands
• Courses
• Degree programs
• Destinations
• Featured hotels
• Insurance coverage
• Models
• Neighborhoods
• Service catalog
• Shows
• Styles
• Types

This is a variation on the dynamic structured snippets. You can decide what additional information could add value to the person searching the product or service you are selling, and add the snippets suitable (from the list above)

To know more, or to add this feature in your PPC campaigns and online marketing, please contact us

Why use structured snippets
Structured Snippets provide Google Adwords visitors some details of the nature and range of your products and services, before they click on your ad. Which means
• the CTR and even Conversion rates would become better depending on how you set up the structured snippets
• Increases Ad relevance and increase ROI

Points to Note:
Structured snippets can be used only with “Search Network with Display Select” and “Search Network only” campaign types

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