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Everything You Need To Know About Content Creation

  • 29.11.2016
  • Marketing,Tips

The crux of content creation and content marketing is nothing but building loyal customers who help build your digital business. Creating premium, valuable and relevant content, and consistently sustaining it over time can be a difficult task. But with well-crafted content and tactical content marketing schemes, you can propel rewarding customer action.

Before going into the phases involved in content creation, let’s have a quick glance at the importance of content marketing in today’s digital world.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Content marketing is nothing but the process of creating and sharing valuable, pertinent and consistent content with the objective of acquiring a clearly defined audience. It is a sure-shot way to reach out to your customers. Statistics shows that content marketing has emerged as one of the most important digital marketing trends.

Customers are constantly searching for information that interests them. If your products or services pop up as part of that information, they might consider it favourably. On the other hand, if you push it on their face, they won’t trust and buy from you. Customers are more knowledgeable these days – they know who are genuinely interested in them. They only buy from business they believe will help them. They might judge you by the content you post.

Classic online marketing schemes will not work anymore, as users don’t like to be interrupted. They like to know about products and services, while they are engaged in what they are currently interested in. This is why most of the marketing starts with Search Engine (Google) these days. As they go through a video, image or blog that is of interest to them, they would be attracted in a product or service that pops up naturally. That’s why the quote “don’t interrupt people with what they are interested in, BE what they are interested in” is quite relevant. Content marketing is the best marketing strategy not just to build relationship with customers, but also to nourish it.

Content Is King

“Content is King” may sound like a clichéd expression, but the meaning it communicates is very much relevant in today’s marketing efforts. In order to market content, we need to create content that is top-notch enough to serve, attract, convert, retain and engage customers.

Remember that marketing is impossible without great content, and here are the steps involved in creating one.

Steps to Content Creation

1. Define Your Objectives

You should have a clear idea about what is to be achieved with the content. It could be to

  • Generate leads
  • Nurture leads
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve customer retention
  • Product/service education etc.

This will check you from producing generic content that fails to bring forth productive results.

2. Define Your Audience And Meet Their Needs

Defining and identifying your audience becomes easy and effective if you have clearly-defined objectives in place. Conversion of prospects into repeated customers can be possible if you target a specific audience and give them what they need. Getting to know your audience involves explicit understanding of their needs, their purchasing journey, things that amuse or interest them etc.

You can make use of Google Analytics tool to track website traffic, to learn about the people who interact with your content, the content that stimulates more conversations etc. This will also help you in redefining your business goals. You can spot the missing elements in prospects’ life/interests and try to fill the gap.

3. Decide The Content Format

How you are going to promote your content; for instance social media, blogs, PR, etc. will influence nature, tone and form of the content. While choosing a format, keep in mind whether the particular design will help the audience to achieve what they want. Both your comfort levels and proven efficiency of the format should be taken into account while zeroing in on one.

Content can be presented in many formats including blogs, photography, videos, info-graphics, podcasts, case studies, online commentary, newsletters, e-books, white paper, how-to guides, etc. Irrespective of the form, the content should be:

  • Useful
  • Relevant
  • Interesting
  • Engaging
  • Persuasive

You should create content with these qualities consistently, and distribute effectively.

Certain types of content demand great level of consistency from your part; for instance, blogs, newsletter, podcasts etc., whereas; eBooks, video presentations and infographics do not demand the same level of consistency. Using a variety of formats by mixing up media will help in keeping the interest of your target audience alive.

4. Create Content That is Aligned With Your Business

The rule of thumb is that you need to create content that is aligned with your business. This should go hand in hand with audience needs and marketing plan. In order to write content that fits your business, you need to research on your value proposition. You need to have precise understanding of what solution your company provides, and what problems it resolves etc. For instance, if you are an interior design company, your content should revolve around different interior design schemes, tips, design solutions etc.

The important steps in content creation are:

  • Choose the relevant keyword using some keyword selection tools
  • Collect all material relevant to the content
  • Find important points from such material and type them out as bullet points
  • Expand the bullet points if necessary. You don’t have to expand them, if they are self-explanatory.
  • Add your experience and expertise to each bullet point.
  • Add any interesting incidents or events to the bullet points that you feel would be of interest to your readers
  • Sticking to conversational and informal style will keep the audience engaged

5. Reread, Refine and Publish

Read the content from start to finish, and do a final touch up. You may have to edit, refine or restructure some parts. Ensure that the content flows naturally. Finally publish the content.

6. Monitor Content

Constantly monitor the impact of the content on your business. You can use analytics and other tools to get estimates. More advanced tools would guide you to better results.

7. Diversification

As your audience grows, try diversifying into related fields, titles, content areas. This would keep your audience loyal.

Summing Up

Effective content has the power to attract prospective customers, make them feel valued and convert them into devoted clients. This step by step process that lead to the creation of compelling content will help your organization to grow by meeting its goals.

Web network is proactive in keeping itself at the forefront of content marketing trends, technologies and tools. We help our customers achieve their goals in App Marketing, Website Marketing and SEO in the emerging digital marketing space.

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