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Boost Landing Page Conversion with These Tips

  • 08.11.2016
  • Tips

If you are looking for techniques to make your own landing page that actually converts, you have reached the right place.

The landing page plays a crucial role in your internet marketing strategies. The ultimate aim of designing the perfect landing page is to augment conversion rates to the maximum desired level. Our objective is not only to drive traffic to the landing page, but also to induce visitors to become leads.

The following are some of the simple tips to boost landing page conversions.

1. Short and Snappy Landing Page

Creating a landing page that is to the point and simple is integral. We know that people are so impatient to bear all the ruffles and irrelevant stuff in the landing page. They just scan through the page to get hooked into the pertinent information that they are seeking for. Keep the landing page very focused and straightforward, emphasizing the value of your service and its uniqueness. Keep it as concise as possible by organizing information in easy-to-browse-through headers, sub-headers, bullet points and other necessary highlights. Overstuffing your landing page with too many information will distract and confuse your visitors. Remember that our ultimate aim is enhancing conversions.

2. Present Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Landing page CTA is important in directing and stimulating the visitors to take the necessary action. It could be Shop Now, Sign Up, Subscribe, Try It, Contact Us, See Our Video, Click to Download etc. Present one CTA at a time, and use contrasting and vibrant color tones for the CTA button.

3. Append Social Proof

Adding authentic social proof to your landing page will tremendously supplement conversion rates. Adding social proof or user testimonials to the landing page will attach credibility to the product you are offering. You can pick up some positive quotes about your product or app posted in social networking sites and cite them in the landing page. If you can track the total number of downloads and show up it on the landing page, it will attract more downloads. This works on the basic principle that humans are influenced by actions taken by others (Social Influence).

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Social Influence Marketing will furnish you with all the relevant info on Social Influence Marketing.

4. Keep Contact Details Greatly Visible

Visitors are keen to know whether the people behind the product/service are accessible easily. Include contact info and phone or mobile number at the top of the landing page to convey the genuineness of your business.

Summing Up

Keep these tips in mind and formulate a killer landing page that will enhance conversions.

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