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A Quick Note on How to Patent Your App Idea

  • 25.10.2016
  • Apps,How-To,Idea

Congratulations on your decision to patent your app idea!!

Sheltering your mobile app idea (IP) under an authentic legal umbrella will guarantee a smooth and successful app release plan. Therefore, patenting your app idea is a prudent decision. Here we discuss some useful tips on patenting your app idea.

What to do when thinking about patenting an app idea”  will give a detailed instruction on how to go about with patenting.

Steps to Successful Patenting of App Idea

1. Evaluate Your Decision to Patent

It is a wise step to contemplate on your decision again, before hurriedly plunging into the path of patent filing. You need to walk yourself through a critical appraisal session on the need and worthiness of patenting your app idea. You need to be convinced that the utility, functionality and features of your brainchild are certainly unique, and have never been implemented before. Above all, you need to ensure that the app idea on the road of development is commercially saleable.

Can I patent an app idea will give you useful insights into the patentability of apps and other software ideas.

2. Choosing the Right Patent Attorney

Proper drafting of patent specification details of your mobile app, and claiming the patent from the right perspective are inevitable to make your app idea presentable for patent.

  • Go for a patent attorney who specializes in software

Preparing a technologically-scrupulous patent application for your mobile app idea is inevitable. This can be realized by hiring a patent attorney who has the appropriate technical educational background in the field. Be careful – perfunctory manner of patent preparation will fail your app from becoming a patented item.

Choosing a professional Patent Attorney like Patentec for your mobile app patent needs is quite crucial, as their patent attorneys would have extensive software development experience within the industry.

Signs your software ideas can be patented offers a worthwhile read on patentable software ideas.

  • Choose a registered patent attorney

Ensure that you choose a registered patent attorney. You can visit the Professional Standards Board for Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys (PSB) and search the patent attorney register.

  • Get fixed cost quotation from your attorney

Getting a clear picture of your attorney’s fee and cost structure is very important to have certainty regarding your IP expenses. Get clarification of costs from your attorney in order not to experience IP protection cost overrun.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App? will help you make reasonable estimations about the cost of making an app.

3. Filing for Provisional Patent

Filing for a provisional patent is the first step towards patenting your mobile app. A technically meticulous provisional patent application will offer international patent pending for you invention. It gives you the earliest possible priority date for filing. Provisional patent gives you an initial 12 months of breathing space to make preparation to launch the app in the market.

The provisional patent pending stage also allows you to capture improvements to the idea in due course. Another advantage of filing for provisional patent application is that the contents of the patent specification details are never published for your competitors to see.

In order to have a technically-sound provisional patent filing, contact Patentec patent attorneys .

4. International Patent Application

Applying for an international patent is a wise idea, if you have plans to expand your business overseas. Filing for provisional patent application places you in the right position to justify filing patent applications in more countries down the track. Provisional patent gives an initial 12 months of international patent pending.

It is not viable to apply for patent in each country of interest. But by applying for international patent protection, you get temporary protection for your invention in a number of countries worldwide.

Filing for a patent demands recording the invention in a systematic and the most effectual manner. How to record your app idea for patent purpose gives an outline of the process.

Summing Up

If you have a commercially viable mobile application idea, patenting is the most apt way to protect it legally from being copied by potential competitors.

However, it is fine to discuss your app idea with an app development company after you have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with them. Such free consultancies would provide you enough exposure to other possibilities and points to strengthen your patent.

Watch our blogs for more info on patenting your app idea. To keep updated, please subscribe to our newsletter .

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