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9 Mobile App Myths Quashed

  • 07.02.2017
  • Apps

Lots of misconceptions regarding mobile app development are circulating in the app realm. These myths scare away beginners from the exciting dominion of mobile apps. Here we are attempting to investigate many of these concerns to check the validity of them. Keep reading and explore the myths surrounding app development that need to be debunked immediately.

Top 3 Reasons to Have Mobile App for Your Small Business will enlighten you about the need to have a mobile app. Creating apps that accurately address some day-to-day issues might turn your future into a fortune-filled one.

If mobile development is your top priority, quash away the following myths and go ahead with your app mission.

Myth 1

Mobile app development is all about technology

Are you overwhelmed by the technology that frames the entire mobile app process? Then you need to understand that technology is not the end-all and be-all of app development. Knowledge about iOS and Android technologiesis not sufficient to bring about an app that generates good demand and ROI. Having a brilliant idea is the most necessary factor. You need not get anxious about the numerous coding languages and frameworks. Leave the task to someone who knows better. There are lots of professional app developers out there who can fill the gaps with the required degree of perfectness.

Hiring Web-Network will help you achieve your business goals through technology in the most efficient manner.

Myth 2

You can make your app yourself

People with brilliant app idea tend to think that they can make their app internally as they have the required technical knowhow. But the truth is that creating the app all by yourselfwill consume more than double the time of getting it done byprofessional mobile app developers. If saving money and time is your goal, making the app all by yourself is not the right route. Choose the most efficient app developers, effectively articulate your idea to them, andembrace timely debugging procedures.

Ask These 9 Questions While Hiring Your App developer will enlighten you with the essential queries to be asked while choosing an app developer.

Myth 3

App development is a sluggish (or fast) and costly (or cheap) affair

Many people believe that the procedure of app development is an extremely time-consuming and pocket-burning affair. Another majority consider it to be a fast and inexpensive affair. Both these extremes are not the reality.

App development is neither a superfast nor a sluggish procedure. With the right attitude and clarity of target audience and objectives, one can get the basic version of app within 2-3 months of app development. Feature-rich apps and those that support more platforms will require more time and budget (naturally!). But be aware of the fact that even extremely simple apps are not cheap to build.

Entrust the app building and publishing job to an experienced app developer like Web-Network to have a stress-free app development process


Myth 4

Getting customers is super-easy

You might have immense faith in the credibility and usefulness of your app. But this is not adequate to bring in customers. Making your app live in the app store will not automatically generate downloads. Recruiting effective app marketing strategies is essential to attract more downloads.

Alluring users to use your app consistently is another hurdle. This can be achieved by regularly updating your app and casting out bugs at steady intervals. Many prospective appreneurs are nurturing the belief that once the app is rolled out they can relax and garner the monetary advantages. Revenue can be generated only by incorporating the right monetisation strategies.

Myth 5

Only intellectually brilliant ideas are worthy to become an app

You need to have a unique idea to turn it into a mobile app. But that does not mean that the idea must be super intelligent. You need to have a smart idea that will fetch users once it is turned into reality. The app should address specific issues and should effectively tackle the pain points of the users. In the case of many successful apps, the idea seemed ridiculous or silly; for instance: Angry Birds, iFart etc. Even Snapchat sounded funny thanks to the ephemeral nature of images. The gist here is, what matters is the novelty of the idea.

5 Great Tips to Get Smart App Idea will help you in tuning your brain to get novel and useful app ideas.

Myth 6

Idea is everything

This is another extremist myth pampered by many budding app entrepreneurs. They believe that idea is everything. But the most essential part is whether the idea is practical and useful. Ideas that people can identify with are the most potentially successful ones. Execution is a quintessential aspect when it comes to making a successful mobile app. If you don’t execute a brilliant idea into a perfectly-functioning app, it becomes an utter failure. Put your brains into implementing an effective strategy for execution.

Myth 7

Aesthetics rules over other parameters

Many novice appreneurs are of the opinion that aesthetically appealing apps tend to become successful. But it is just a plain myth. Apps should have attractive and pleasing UI. But that does not mean that eye candy apps will succeed in attracting downloads. Content value is the most important aspect when it comes to mobile app. Apps need to be simple, easy-to- use, easy-to-navigate and reasonably priced. They should also have a clearly defined purpose for which they serve. In short, usefulness should outweigh aesthetics. An eye candy app may attract initial downloads. But consistent use can be ensured only by anengaging content. High quality graphics are vital, but if the app does not serve the intended purpose, there will not be any takers for it.

Myth 8

App idea will be stolen, if shared

One of the common misconceptions among budding app entrepreneurs is that the brilliant app ideas will be nipped easily. People are reluctant to hire app developers because of this fear, and hence, choose to move ahead with in-house mobile app development.

You can enter a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with a mobile app consultant and protect your idea. You can also make use of other idea protection methods for added safety. 5 Great Ways to Protect your App Idea will give you a clear picture about different methods to safeguard your app idea. Patenting your idea is a great option. Can I patent an app idea is a useful read on the topic.

You can consult a proficient app development company like Web-Network to develop the app safely, without any fear of idea theft.

Myth 9

Paid app is the best way to generate revenue

The best way to monetise an app is to roll it out as a paid app, is a totally unrealistic belief. Launching your app as a paid one will garner users only if you enjoy widespread brand recognition and trust.

Paid download is the easiest, andforms just one way of monetising. Freemium app, in-app advertising, in-app purchase etc. are some other monetisation strategies. Depending on the nature of your app and industry that it caters to, you can select the most effective app monetization strategy.

Summing Up

Having the right perceptions about app development procedures will help you not to get swayed by the myths related to it. Debunk some of the popular myths pertaining to app development and go ahead with the right attitude and perceptions.

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