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9 Best Tips to Choose the Right Mobile Ad Network

  • 14.12.2016
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It is impossible for a mobile app developer or an online enterprise to overlook mobile ad networks thanks to its vital role in earning you money. The all-surpassing growth of the popularity of cell phones has paved the way for many subsequent phenomena, including mobile-specific ad networks.

Mobile ad networks are media companies that connect advertisers (marketers) to app developers or publisher’s web pages across mobile devices. In this way it makes easy for advertisers to find ad space, and for app developers to earn returns. In other words, ad networks offer the most suitable platform to monetize your app with advertising.

It is mandatory for app owners to select the right mobile ad network. Ad networks do their job by placing the right ads to right people at the right time. But appreneurs should take into account certain parameters, when it comes to choosing their mobile ad network.

1. Type of apps

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to ad networks for apps. The configuration, traffic and target audience of apps should be taken into account while deciding an ad network. It is advisable to try different ad networks and test their performance in generating revenue. Choose the one that offers the best performance with your app. This is vital in accomplishing a profitable monetization strategy.

2. Fill rate

Choosing an ad network is easy if you are clear about your target audience and their reach. Investigate the geographical region from where your potent users arise, and choose an advertising network that enjoys high fill rates in that area. You also need to identify whether you are targeting a general population or a niche one. It is also wise to analyse the consistent rate of the ad network in maintaining high fill rates in the concerned region.

Target for an ad network that fill your ad space with offers from local advertisers. This will help in keeping your target audience engaged. Placing irrelevant ads, or displaying ads to people who are the least bothered about your product will do no good. Choose a network with decent ad delivery percentage in the relevant geographical area. Partnering with ad networks with highly localized content and local reach can be rewarding.

3. Payment options

Payment option is one of the major factors to be considered while selecting mobile ad partner or platform. Give appropriate weight to consistent payment patterns, payment calendar that matches with your setting, smart payment approach, potential thresholds to be met if any, etc. Also get a clear picture about the frequency of payments as different networks has different modus operandi regarding this. Immediate pay-out is a good option as it ensures access to reliable revenue flow. Before finalizing on a particular network, verify that it has your preferred payment methods; may be PayPal, ACH, wire transfers, e-wallet withdrawals, check, etc.

4. Network features

Different networks offer distinct features, tools and functionalities, and hence it is mandatory to keep informed about them. Diverse ad networks offer exclusive and useful tools to their users. Making use of them to the maximum will work in favour for you. Some display advertising networks offer additional services such as app analytics and control panels. Make an informed decision depending on what suits you best.

5. Adherence to app store policy

Major online app marketplaces such as App Store and Google Play have laid out certain strict policies regarding the content of the third-party ads exhibited within the app. If the app store observes any violation in this regard, severe steps such as permanent ban might be executed on your app. Although the faulty action is done by your ad network, you will be facing the consequence. Ensure that the chosen ad network adhere to the app store policies regarding proper disclosure of the commercial nature of the ads to ensure uninterrupted revenue.

6. Pricing Structure

Knowledge about the pricing structure of different mobile ad networks will help you in making the right decision of choosing one. You also need to look into the differences between different networks regarding the pricing structure. There are different confusing digital advertising pricing models such as eCPM, eCPA, eCPSetc, and select the one which makes the most sense for your vertical.

Among these, it is wise to attach more importance to eCPMor effective cost per one thousand impressions (or clicks). This performance gauge is calculated by dividing total earnings by total number of impressions in thousands. This will help you to calculate the amount of revenue generated from different ad campaigns. Verify the consistency rate of both fill rate and eCPM over a period of time for different ad network platforms.

7. Transparency

Zeroing in on a transparent and trustworthy network is of paramount importance. Frankness about the mode of work and the ability to be transparent about the average eCPM rates and its accessibility etc. matters a lot. Ensure that the chosen ad network is straight forward about their metrics in order to prevent any future rupture in relationship.

8. Easy SDK (Software Development Kit)

SDKs that can be integrated with minimum lines of code will be advantageous to you, as less time will be spent in coding. Excessively knotty and blown up SDK will lead to waning performance of your app, resulting in less revenue. Search for efficient, well-tested and easily blendable SDK that will enhance the app’s performance.

9. User experience

The ad network provider with whom you are partnering must ensure that they don’t deteriorate user experience and disrupt smooth user flowby adding spammy ads. High rate of interruptions will annoy users in a high manner. This will result in a sharp decline of user retention rate. Ideal ad networks will offer more control to developers on how and where ads get displayed. Ad networks that depend on native advertising technologies are a good choice.

Summing Up

It is in your hands to choose the perfect mobile ad network that holds superior aptitude to serve the right ad to the right people.

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