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9 Best Free Websites to Promote Your App

  • 31.01.2017
  • Apps,Marketing,Tips

Your search ends here if you are looking for some free yet effective ways to promote your app.Thanks to the proliferation of the Internet, promoting an app or any business has become a simpler and exciting affair. The only thing you need is the knack to take advantage of the available opportunities and avenues.

There are a number of free websites that allow you to promote your mobile app with less or no hassle. These websites serve to make product discovery better and faster. Therefore, listing your app in these platforms is one of the best ways to get your app noticed. Most of these sites are not exclusively for app. They are for start-ups and new products, including apps.

Let us have a quick look at a few of them.

1. ProductHunt

ProductHunt is a product sharing site that curates the best new products on a daily basis. Users can share and discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products. You can submit your mobile app here, which displays products in a linear and date-wise layout. The site also has comments and voting system which is actively used by product developers, tinkerers and tech enthusiasts. The products with the most votes attain the top slots gaining more attention. If your app is a remarkable one, there are chances that it will reach the top space.

2. LaunchingNext

Popular with the tagline of “showcasing the world’s most promising start-ups everyday”, Launching Next serves as a display podium for app/tech/web start-ups, start-up ideas and great business ideas. Thousands of readers of the website get a chance to hear about new products and businesses. Submitting your app for review on Launching Next will help you in creating the much-needed buzz for your app even before its launch. The audience here is eager to get updates about next big ventures and products.

3. Beta List

Bets List is designed as an online platform to give a snapshot of upcoming internet start-ups. Users get early access to the latest internet startups in an easy manner. By offering early beta access to some of the apps you will get better understanding of the customer reaction. This will enable the start-ups to ensure that they are building the right product for the market. Start-ups are featured region-wise and market-wise. Interviews with successful start-up owners are also featured in Beta List.

4. Springwise

Springwise is a large idea database that curates the best innovation ideas from all over the world. You can share your product/app in this platform to expose it to the tech-savvy audience. Springwise helps innovative products to get the much-needed hype and attention. Uninspiringapps/ideas/products may not get listed here.

5. PreApps

PreApps is an exclusive website platform to discover new apps coming soon to iOS, Android, and Windows. By listing your app here, you can open the windows of preview before even releasing it in the market. Viewers here will beta test your app and you can get reviews on it. It’s a magnificent way to garner the pre-launch buzz. Apps that fall under different categories are listed here, for instance; education, game, lifestyle, finance, productivity, health & fitness, travel, utility etc. Post your app idea, generate feedback, and turn it into reality are the simple steps followed here.

6. The Startup Pitch

The Startup Pitch website is conceived in such a way as to offer a platform where people could go and post start-up related stories. This is beneficial for those who do not want to blog about their app. Start-ups can get more coverage for their up and coming project. Start-ups can answer questions about their product, which can well be turned into an effective pitch. Viewers can also try your app. It is indeed a great platform to pitch your start-up to the world.

7. Betabound

Betabound is an online platform that collects, organises and offers great beta testing opportunities for start-ups. You have the chance to find great beta testers by submitting your app here. This is a great way to collect feedback on your unreleased app from real people. The responses can be effectively utilised to improve the product before it’s launched.You can announce your own Beta products and search for early adopters.

8. AppStorm

AppStorm is a website for all the web-based applications that are available. The site reviews all the top apps and utilities. This site will work great if your app can be categorised under a single platform. It is a great place to showcase your product to thousands of business software users. You can submit your web-based business app here for review also.

9. Rate My Startup

Rate My Startup is a platform where start-up owners can rate each other’s ideas and provide opinions and insights. By submitting your app to the website, you can get feedback and publicity. The members of the RateMyApp community will vote the product/app that they like the most. If your app manages to impress the community, there is a golden chance for it to be featured in the “top app” section of the homepage.

Summing Up

Don’t you think these free websites are a cool way to promote your app? Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try some of these platforms to make your app popular.

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