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9 App Marketing Mistakes – Avoid Them To Be Successful

  • 06.12.2016
  • Apps

Are you having a great app and looking forward to make it a success? Then stay away from some of the common app marketing mistakes.

These mistakes (even the seemingly trivial ones), are capable of burning your pocket. You have landed in the app business world,not only driven by passion, but also by the desire to make it a market success. This quick guide will direct you how to avoid some of the common app marketing mistakes and receive revenue from your app.

You should also take care to steer clear of some of the common development mistakes, mentioned in “Mobile App Development Mistakes” . To guide you through some of the effective marketing strategies worth considering, please have a look at “9 Best App Marketing Strategies You Can’t Ignore“.

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Here you go……

1. Inability to leverage on your existing digital presence

App stores are not the sole means through which users find you. Does your business already have digital presence in the form of a website? Don’t waste time. Provide links to app store in your site to make your app highly discoverable. Many of the target users catch your app through regular internet searches. Therefore, failing to take advantage of your already available web presence and audience is a sin. They are the best platforms to promote your wonderful app.

Give clear and visible indication of your optimized mobile app in the website page. The bottom-line is; users should not find it tricky to find an app from your webpage. We recommend putting a highly identifiable app store logo link,and an appealing call-to-action (CTC) to download the app.

2. Ignoring user retention

Ignoring user retention is not a healthy practice if you are looking for long-term growth of your mobile app’s user base.

Many appreneurs strain a lot to acquire new downloads. There is nothing wrong in it. But doing it at the cost of app retention is wrong. Tune your marketing skills to keep your existing users contented with your app. Give attention to improve the on-going value of your app. Engage your users by listening to their suggestions and incorporating features they wish for. Users should feel it worthwhile to lodge your app in their gadget. Impress them with superb features and functionalities.

Make good use of push notifications, subscriptions and in-app purchases to update and engage your existing customers. Retention is a major decisive factor in Customer LifetimeValue (CLTV). The length of the average customer lifecycle can be enhanced only by making users at the centre.

3. Ignoring App Store Optimization (ASO)

If you don’t want your app to disappear in the app store – embrace ASO strategies. Many of your potential clients find your app by searching in the app stores; hence, optimizing your app for the app stores becomes important.

ASO is a set of optimization techniques through which, your app is found more easily by potential users on the app store. ASO plays an important role in maximizing downloads and revenue by improving visibility of your app’s page on the app store. Picking up the right app store keywords, integrating them in the app title and app description, localizing keywords, etc. can go a long way in getting your app the desired attention. Keep in mind that tailoring the ASO for different platforms is also vital to increase your app’s search ranking.

A Quick Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO) will give you an informative read on the aspect.

4. Failing to drive app reviews

Investing a portion of your app marketing budget towards user-review and PR services can be highly rewarding. There are lots of popular app review sites that can make your app visible to the eyes of probable clients through reviewing your app. Generate good and genuine reviews to get noticed. Many customers decide to download an app after reading reviews. The psychology behind this behavior is nothing but the trust in social proof.

5. Overlooking social networking sites

Never overlook the power of social media networks. Ensuring a powerful social media presence is quite beneficial for your app’s growth. You can keep the buzz about your app thriving even before the launch of your app. Create hype through your friends and acquaintances. This will keep your target audience waiting for the release. This will also help you to have an assured customer base ready beforehand.

After the launch of your app, you can keep on engaging your users by giving updates on your app. You can even link them with some of the positive reviews. Give a personal touch to all your marketing efforts through social media. Use multiple social media platforms, and don’t restrict yourself to just one. Spread the word and hype through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

6. Not getting your app featured on premium blogs

Never ignore featuring your apps in premium blogs. Getting your apps featured on good blogs is a winning way of spreading the news about your app. Get hold of some credible bloggers and news outlets and make your app talked about. You need to pitch your app effectively to the editors of popular blogs to convince them. Keep the info sweet and simple by including all essential characteristics and functions of your app. sending the current version of your app is also a good idea.

7. Giving wrong impressions by exaggerating your app’s worth

Many enthusiastic appreneurs dive into the pit of over exaggerating their app by giving near-false and overrated claims. This type of wild superlation about your app will do more harm than good. When over-exited users download your app and realize that it does not back the claims, you can expect the worst: Bad reviews!!! Therefore be careful in marketing your app. Do not inflate its merits beyond truth. You may not get a second chance to retain the users, as there are plenty of competitors vying for a space in users’ mobile phone home screen. Be genuine with your marketing techniques. Give screenshots of your app to give clarity to the users.

Summing Up

Be alert about all these common mistakes while preparing marketing strategies. Do proper research about the promotion schemes keeping your app in mind. Make the best use of all viable marketing strategies. This will help you to know which strategy works the most in favour of your app.

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