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5 Top Ways to Find the Perfect Social Influencers

  • 08.11.2016
  • News,Technology,Tips

When you talk about your own product you attract less attention. However, when a credible third party endorses the product or make the statement about your product, it attracts enough volume of trust? Sounds weird, right?

The truth is that it is this reality that applies to all types of products and services, including your wonderful mobile app. We are talking about social influence marketing wherein a product is marketed efficiently by a third party influencer.

Social influence marketing has proven to produce high user engagement and ROIs for consumer products, fashion brands, hospitality businesses, auto giants, technology and software products/services etc.

App developers can also leverage on this marketing strategy to enjoy limelight and returns. Many appreneurs are already doing it with tremendous success. Now, it’s your turn to try this highly persuasive marketing tactic.

9 Best App Marketing Strategies You Can’t Ignore will help you get insights into different app promotion tactics.

The trick is in selecting the right social influencers… and, this is vital to get the much needed traction for your mobile app.

Types of Social Influencers

There are broadly three types of influencers.

  • Celebrities– Stars and status-conscious popular personalities who have active presence in the digital realm
  • Opinion leaders and experts – highly specialised digital journalists, popular you-tubers, bloggers, Twitter users, activists, experts in their field, etc.
  • Influential consumers – Consumers with strong opinion and influence

There is no dearth for them in each category. But you need to ensure that the influencer matches with your brand character.

Below are some of the characteristics that you should look for while selecting influencers for your brand.

  • An influencer should be easily recognizable by your app’s target audience.
  • There should be a perfect alignment between the influencer and the image of your app and the target market.
  • The influencer and the followers should have healthy engagement. His/her reach should be wide and effective.
  • Influencer should be in the habit of regularly publishing posts/regular engagement with followers.

Tips to Find the Right Social Influencers

The reach and influential power of top digital stars will make it easy for your app to stand visible to potential users from a sea of releases. If you let influencers brag about your brand, user-targeting and consumer behaviour drive becomes much easier.

There are numerous effective ways in which you can select the perfect influencer for your app. Let us have a quick look at them.

1. Google Search

Google Search is the most obvious and easy way to do it. Remember that it will just serve as a basic tool to get an idea about the number of influencers and their profiles. Setting Google Alerts with relevant keywords involving your app or terms related to the realm in which your app is involved will be useful. This will help you in identifying the persons (influencers) who post content with the relevant keywords.

2. Study Hashtags

Hashtags are effective in locating influencers in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Try to trace the hashtags that your target influencers are usually using. You need to observe conversations surrounding these hashtags to locate active communicators pertaining to the hashtagged-theme. You can choose one or a few of them as influencers. Make sure they match with your app’s persona.

Boost Your Brand With # Hashtag Marketing is an engaging read to give you all the relevant info related to hashtag marketing – another powerful app marketing tactic.

3. Social Network Search

Social network and social sharing websites are mines of influencer resources. You can easily locate a few by doing simple searches on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. You can detect people who endorse or give positive opinions about your app. You can filter them out through keywords. Observe your own blog posts and social media posts to get insight on people who speak influentially about your brand. Get hold of them and make them your brand’s influencers.

4. Identify bloggers

Bloggers form an important part of social influencers. The interesting aspect is that influencers falling in all categories might own a blog of their own. They use it as a unique podium to share and extend their reach with their followers. The bloggers will be sharing the content of their blog in other digital channels where they have presence, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. One positive aspect about bloggers is that they will be actively participating in multiple platforms simultaneously.

You can identify and read blogs that fall in the category of your app. After finding the relevant blogs with the relevant content, shortlist the bloggers, who have the possibility of becoming your brand’s influencers. You also need to look into the SEO ratings of their blogs to ensure their content’s reach. Another way of finding bloggers is by asking your existing customers about their favourite blogs and/or bloggers.

5. Make use of influencer outreach tools and sites

Blogger and influencer outreach tools and websites will be of immense help, if you don’t have the patience and time to manually search for the relevant bloggers. These tools can help you in all the aspects of influencer outreach. Inkybee, BlogDash, Traackr, Buzzsumo, Klout, GroupHigh, Klear, Buzz Stream etc. will make the job of influencer-targeting easy and hassle-free. These tools are handy as they offer a range of data filter tools to help you identify the perfect influencer. They will also give you useful data on a person’s influence across the networks.

How to Influence Influencers?

After finalising on the influencers to promote your app, you need to interact with them to ensure mutual benefit. Remember that influencers are effective tools to market your app. If they want to promote your brand, you need to be in good terms with them. Get engaged with them with a personalized flavour. Read their latest blogs and comment on their blogs. Also remember to compensate them in such a way that they will feel valued. It does not always mean a financial reward. You can give a loud and commendable recognition to them by sharing their post in your social media page. You can even engage them by giving discounts, commissions etc.

Summing Up

There are no two opinions regarding the impact of influencers in promoting your app. The existence of large number and types of social influencers will make you perplexed. But be sure to choose the right influencer to inspire your audience to take the right action.

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