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5 Great Ways to Protect your App Idea

  • 21.07.2016
  • Apps,Idea,Patent

Attention app entrepreneurs and start-ups who aspire to make it big in the world of mobile apps!!!

Imagine your great and genius app idea being stolen by someone, and then imagine them enjoying all your glory. It is indeed an awful situation, and the only way to avoid this is by taking necessary precautions to protect your app idea. The good news is that you can actually protect your valuable app ideas while it is still in the idea/development stage. Here are few tips.

1. Be Cautious in Information Sharing

Great Ways to Protect your App Idea: 1-Indulge-in-Cautious-Information-Sharing

Share the information sparingly now, and enjoy the reward generously later when your app idea becomes a reality. If you can’t bring out your budding idea all by yourself, and are keen on outsourcing, be careful not to disclose everything to whom you partner with or hire. Disclose only the necessary details that get you going. Draw together your team carefully, and stay quiet (try) when you feel overexcited about your nascent idea. The rule of thumb is – less you reveal, less are the chances for idea-theft.

2. Turn the App Idea into Reality Quickly

Great Ways to Protect your App Idea: 2-Turn-the-App-Idea-into-Reality-Quickly

Instead of keep worrying about who is going to steal your idea, get to work and make the app a reality. Don’t sit idle dreaming about your app idea. Understand that ideas can be cheap, but execution and end-product are not. Remember that patent and copyright protections come to the rescue only if there is some identifiable personification of the idea. Bring your app to the market quickly and enjoy the first mover advantage.

3. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Great Ways to Protect your App Idea: 3-Non-Disclosure-Agreement-(NDA)

Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement or confidentiality deed is the simplest step to protect your app idea if you have plans to outsource. NDA ensures access restriction and nondisclosure of material, data, knowledge, or information covered by the contract to or by third parties. NDAs are part of valuable record keeping which will ensure that the people you hire as part of your app project are under your cone of silence. Stay vigilant to partner with trustworthy parties and get the best attorney to draft the document.

4. Consider Patent Application

Great Ways to Protect your App Idea: 4-Consider-Patent-Application

Though patents will protect actual inventions, it is not a bad idea to file patent application if you are confident about the uniqueness of your app. Go ahead and apply for a provisional patent application first to secure early protection on an invention. Remember that patenting could be a costly and usually takes quite a bit of time. Ask your development company if they can manage the patenting process through a registered patent attorney who specialises in mobile app and software patents.

Watch our blogs, we would provide you more details on patenting mobile app ideas in a future blog. Also, we would be exploring some best practices and suggestions. To keep updated, subscribe to our newsletter.

5. Trademark Your Name

Great Ways to Protect your App Idea: 5-Trademark-Your-Name

Trademarking your name and brand is a prudent step to take, while your app is in the progress phase. Legally trademark the name of your app and brand to check others from nicking them. Apart from the name of your app, you can trademark symbols and colours also. Once you get your name and brand stamped with trademark, competitors can’t confuse potential customers of your app with similar names or other elements.

Summing up

Protecting your mobile app idea from prospective idea-thieves is an important task. You app idea is precious to you and don’t put off the right steps towards smart protection.

For more help

Web Network works with Patentec, the best Patent attorneys in Australia, to give our clients the best advice and protection for their ideas.

To discuss your app idea and get it developed and marketed, please contact us to get a consultation and quote absolutely free from one of our experienced app development consultants.

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