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5 Great Tips to Get Smart App Ideas

  • 01.08.2016
  • Apps,Idea

Have you ever wondered how these app entrepreneurs and developers come up with fabulous app ideas and turn them into reality? Though ideas are born inside the brain, the process of seeding and triggering the idea is the result of reacting to certain stimulants at the right time in the right way. Let’s explore some great tips that help you generate some wonderful and killer app ideas.

Tune your brain and mind to find missing elements in the world

5 Great Tips to Get Smart App Ideas: Tune-your-brain-and-mind-to-find-missing-elements-in-the-world

Yes…the reason and stimulant behind every invention, innovation, and discovery is the right mindset to find the missing elements in the world. Or in other words, new things are made when the eagerness to make the world a better place to live in, is met with the right aptitude. All the desirable amenities, comforts and instruments that we enjoy in day-to-day life are the consequence of this. The natural instinct of human beings to make life easier works as the activating force behind all new things. This is no different in the case of apps.

We need to have the right attitude to keep our minds, ears and eyes open to the issues and problems that we face daily and in general. Useful app ideas are self-pronouncement and manifestation of our solution to the missing ingredients in our life.

1. Dig into your Deep Self

5 Great Tips to Get Smart App Ideas: 1-Dig-into-your-Deep-Self

Before turning to anyone and anywhere else, it is advisable to inspect your life. Your interests, hobbies etc. can also become starting points to make a list of app ideas. You might at times feel that the presence of certain devise or gizmo would make some tasks easier; or some issues could be solved effortlessly if some purpose-driven app was available. This is how you find the missing components that would have made our life more superior and comfortable. Some problems may sound silly; but remember that many app ideas on paper sounded silly, before them turning into huge success stories.

2. Spot the Problems Others Face

5 Great Tips to Get Smart App Ideas 2-Spot-the-Problems-Others-Face

Brainstorming on the problems and issues faced by others whom you interact with, can give some fantastic initial inputs on app ideas. Keep your ears open to what others (including your family members and friends) feel dissatisfied about, and their comments on it. These will give good insights into the nonexistence of some problem-solving components in our life. Everyday problems or those frustrating things that everyone has to sort out occasionally are great sources of app ideas. The good news is that majority of the issues you hear or experience are solvable. And if you have the right aptitude, seeding the beginning of a great app is certainly feasible.

3. Target a Customer Base

5 Great Tips to Get Smart App Ideas: 3-Targeting-a-Customer-Base

Targeting a particular customer base and then start producing app ideas will make you come out with apps that are niche-specific. Whether you are targeting a broad niche or micro niche, proper interaction with that particular group or category is essential. By asking questions to members belonging to the specific audience will enlighten you with cool app ideas. The groups can be age-specific, profession-specific (doctors, lawyers etc.), interest-specific, and so on. Interaction with these groups will inspire you towards some cool app ideas that are custom-made to the unique needs of the audience.

Doctors/hospitals might need an app that will alert them about some road mishap or accidents. This will enable them to reach the spot on time to save some lives.

4. Keyword Search

5 Great Tips to Get Smart App Ideas: 4-Keyword-Search

Keywords are good source to ignite app ideas. You can get keywords by interacting with others and by way of specific tools designed for the purpose. Google Keyword Tool (GKT) is undoubtedly one of the best in this regard. You can also make use of random word generator apps to serve the purpose. In many cases, fresh ideas were fuelled by simple random words.

5. Keep Abreast with Trending Apps

5 Great Tips to Get Smart App Ideas: 5-Keep-Abreast-with-Trending-Apps

App Stores give pretty good picture of the currently trending apps with their ratings and stars. Examining the App Charts of different countries will give you an idea about the hot apps there. Of course there is nothing wrong in deriving inspiration from other app ideas. Reading negative reviews on some of the top apps will definitely open your eyes to the untapped potential of apps. You can use these ideas in a new and tweaked way in a new market. You can target to solve a problem that these apps left unresolved. We all know that old ideas can be applied in a new manner, or mould these ideas in such a way that users notice them in a new light.

Summing Up

Okay…Now you are all set to spawn some wonderful app ideas that make the world a better place. But keep in mind that validation of your app ideas is essential to twirl these ideas into killer apps. The world offers endless amount of possibilities. Identify them and make use of it with a pinch of salt. Whether you are a tested app creator or a tenderfoot, these tips are going to ignite you with a host of app ideas leading to the creation of stellar apps.

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