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5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

  • 09.01.2017
  • Marketing,News

Would you like to have an edge over your digital marketing competitors in 2017? If yes, it is essential to have a glance at expert predictions on digital marketing trends. It will enable you to craft fruitful online marketing strategies in 2017.

These predictions will help you anticipate changes and stay clear of any surprises from competitors. The following snapshot gives a brief account of what the industry can expect, and how to get ahead as a smart marketer.

1. Content to Rule The Roost

Content is king in digital marketing, and it will stay in the same key position in 2017 also. Unique, interactive and high-quality content is a crucial part of any online marketing campaign perhaps more than ever. With an incredibly shrinking attention span of about eight seconds, the need of the hour is to create superior dense content.

The content should be compact and simple enough to stir interest in readers. You need to make every line and every word count. It is better to hire professional writers and video producers to make your content attractive as well as effective. Niche-based writers who have proficiency in the concerned topic will be able to create content that bonds with the target group in a more personal and pertinent manner.You need to align both visual and textual content with your brand to make the audience feel connected. A healthy mixture of video and traditional text content works better.

Make your content present in all relevant avenues like blog posts, YouTube videos and Twitter and Instagram links, etc. Choose sleek/minimalist or slapstick-style voice to your content according to the personality of your brand.

2. The Rise of AR and VR to Be Continued

Though the passing year witnessed both the rise and fall of Pokémon Go, the prominence of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will not die out soon. The super hit game app has proved that people are getting ready for AR experiences. It also proved the great earning potential of such worthy immersive experiences. The huge influx of VR headsets, apps and games and the reception it received proves that immersive multimedia is going to stay here. You can expect the successful arrival of more AR games, AR ads, and AR apps in 2017. Virtual reality immersive websites are also expected to bang the scene.

The fascination towards AR and VR is said to shape the digital activities of 2017. Marketers are faced with the challenge of crafting digital content that effusively exploits the possibilities offered by these wonder technologies.

3. The Age of Digital Assistants

The dominance of digital assistants will expand over the years. It’s better to start loving your digital assistant as its sway over you will be greater in 2017. The number of these digital personal assistants is on the rise with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Echo, Facebook’s M, Alphabet’s (Google) Assistant and Home, Microsoft’s Cortana leading the race. More and more of personality-filled and voice-activated digital assistants are on the way to take over your life. You will be surprised at how accurately these digital butlers are able to read your mind even before you give any command. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are going to gain supremacy in the coming years.

4. Live Video Streaming To Emerge Victoriously

Online video consumption of consumers is increasing at a commendable rate. Digital marketing experts are focussed on video advertising in media channels including social media platforms. Live video streaming is the best way to give in-the-moment value to its viewers. It has got unprecedented significance with the introduction of Facebook live video. YouTube advertising has already gained momentum in the preceding year. Modern apps are integrated with some sort of live streaming functionality to give more value added experience to its users.

For instance: On its Chevy Volt EV launch, General Motors live-streamed the event on Facebook. GM is the first auto brand to do so.

The live streaming video by Dunkin Donuts during the Valentine’s Day season attracted more than 36,000 viewers, which is a huge number for watching the making of a cake!

5. Customer Experience Takes Front Seat More Than Ever

‘Customer is King’ is not just a cliché anymore. The phrase gets deeper meaning in 2017. Customer experience is at the centre of all experiences including the digital one. Customer is the crucial factor which should be kept in a gratified mood forever. Voice of the customer has become a predominant factor with the advent of social networking platforms. Focusing on customer-centric metrics will help a brand to earn maximum love from its customers. The year 2017 is going to be a customer-centric year with companies becoming more customer-obsessed.

For instance: McDonald’s move to serve only antibiotic-free chicken and low-fat milk from cows that are not subjected to artificial growth hormone, is a good sign of listening to customers and giving priority to their desires.

Summing Up

Farsightedness helps you to move with confidence and plan ahead. Effective planning enables you to remain competitive in the industry. Take cues from the latest digital marketing trends and stay in the lead in 2017 also.

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